Physics and Materials Science


Department offers Undergraduate and Graduate courses

Beside offering a number of courses for Undergraduate Engineering programmes,the Department of Physics also carries out Graduate Engineering teaching and Research.The Department offers elective courses like Optical Fibre networks, wireless networks, Nano-science and technology, Bio-sensors to undergraduate students in Electronics and Communication, Computer Science/IT, and Biotechnology/Bioinformatics.


The department ideates:

 “Student centered learning and student-faculty research by using a mixture of traditional, current and integrative pedagogical techniques dictated by state of the art education &research in order to create a nationally & internationally recognized unique model for physics and materials science education in both public and professional spheres”


  • To provide end-oriented education & striving for excellence in performance-based teaching and research in order to maintain high levels of professionalism and integrity.
  • To be internationally and nationally recognized for teaching and research.
  • To be recognized and appreciated for different courses in order to contribute in shaping
  • Successful engineering graduates.
  • Implementing fundamental physics & applications to integrate the research and innovative teaching for motivating students to be better intellectuals.


  •  To provide qualitative education and preparing students for challenges in industry, government and academia.
  •  To provide a panorama of courses coupled with teaching, research, and mentoring opportunities for graduate students.
  • To provide courses that enhances their skills and their appreciation for science.
  •  The department is dedicated to teaching and learning physics in a collaborative and performance based active environment.

Program Objectives

  • Insight into physical processes.
  • To use the knowledge of physics as a useful tool in their disciplines.
  • Gain the ability to think critically.
  • Qualitatively & quantitatively analyze and solve problems.


The Department has strong research interests in microwaves, compound semiconductors, and nano-materials. The Department has recently established a laboratory for the fabrication of thin film devices and nano-materials. A microwave antenna laboratory has also been set up. Research is carried out with a number of doctoral students in the fields of nano-materials and semiconductor devices as well as micro strip antenna design.